Turn-Key Projects

The company specializes in manufacturing and supplies of new turbines with output range from 200 kW to 40 MW on turn-key basis (EPC supplies), i.e. supplies of complete electro-mechanical equipment for hydro power plants (turbine with auxiliaries, generator, LV & MV electrical equipment). Supplies of hydro-mechanical equipment such as main inlet valves (of butterfly, spherical or sluice type etc.) as well as manufacture of other equipment for intake or dam structures (slide gates, stop logs, weir flaps, radial gates etc.) is also a part of company’s product range. Design department boast a team of experts with long years of experience in the water turbine industry together with experts in the field of electrical equipment. Our design pays maximum attention to the customer’s requirements regarding environmentally friendly operation. Thanks to many years of experience we can offer our customers well-proven quality and we are able to meet their most demanding requirements, whether in the efficiency of the machines or in environmental standards.

The company offers water turbines of all main types such as Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines both horizontal and vertical arrangement. Moreover, the company is ready to meet special customer’s requirements and offer reversible (pump) Francis turbines for pump storage plants as well.

Design of our turbines and their accessories also conforms to the requirements for drinking water treatment.



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